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Regenerative type Aluminium Melting Furnace  

  Name:Regenerative type Aluminium Melting Furnace
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   Product details

regenerative type aluminium melting furnace Main Characteristics:

1.With a potentially tremendous energy-saving which is up to 10% --70% . Min consumption of diesel for one tons aluminium cost 50kg.

2.Large expansion of the flame burning region. The flame reaches to every corner if the furnace wall with symmetrical temperature so as to increase the production quality and prolong the lifespan of the furnace.

3.with a strong transcant ability along with the increase of the hearth average temperature. Under the condition of the same output, the hearth size of industrial furnace and boiler is reduced by over 10% - 15% while under the same size furnace.

4. With a low combustion noise. The flame is gradually beginning in the hearth area instead of catching fire in the firebox.

5. With a small oxygenation destroy towards the mental liguid in metallurgy industrial furnace because of inadequate-oxygen combustion in the hearth.

for furnace door there are 2 types.

furnace type, there are round type and square type.

item combustion
engine type
furnace chamber
max. temperature
furnace capacity furnace constructure burner QTY Total power
RL-3 burners 1100 3000 straight door&arc top 2 12KW
RL-5 burners 1100 5000 straight door&arc top 2 12KW
RL-8 burners 1100 8000 tilting door&arc top 2 15KW
RL-10 storage 1100 10000 tilting door&arc top 2 36KW
RL-12 storage 1100 12000 tilting door&arc top 2 36KW
RL-15 storage 1100 15000 tilting door&arc top 2 40KW
RL-18 storage 1100 18000 tilting door&arc top 2 40KW
RL-22 storage 1100 22000 tilting door&arc top 2 45KW
RL-25 storage 1100 25000 tilting door& plat top 2 45KW
RL-30 storage 1100 30000 tilting door& plat top 2 60KW


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